Placement & Credit

UT-Austin Students

Current UT students who would like to receive credit by exam for Malayalam should purchase the DAE (Departmentally Administered Exam) form from Student Testing Services and then contact Dr. Darsana Manayathu Sasi in the Department of Asian Studies to schedule an exam. Students will receive credit and be placed into the appropriate level of Malayalam based on the results of the DAE.

Texas High School Students

Credit-by-Exam (CBE) tests are currently being prepared for administration through UT High School. Once available (expected Fall 2021), high school students in Texas will be able to arrange a proctored exam on-site at UT-Austin or at an approved testing site in their local district. The exams will cover all levels of the current foreign language requirement in Texas (1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b).

Other University and High School Students

Professional evaluations and testing for academic credits or requirements at other universities and high schools are possible, but must be arranged directly with Dr. Darsana Manayathu Sasi in the Department of Asian Studies. To obtain formal, transcriptable university credits, we warmly recommend our summer Malayalam courses, open to both college and college-ready high school students.