Malayalam Script Recognition (Quizlets)

Click a header below to choose a script recognition category, which includes a Quizlet with flashcards to practice. There are four levels, each a little harder than the previous.

Ready to practice the basic letters in Malayalam? This Quizlet contains all the initial vowels and basic consonants. Once you’ve mastered the basic letters, you’re ready for the other Quizlets containing all the basic letters with dependent vowels, doubled consonants, and conjunct consonants.

By now, you should be comfortable with the basic letters of Malayalam, both initial vowels and basic consonants. In this Quizlet, you can practice recognizing the consonants with dependent vowels.

Finally, you need to complete your knowledge of the Malayalam script by studying the conjunct and doubled consonants, along with the dependent vowels. This Quizlet includes all of the most common conjuncts and double letters. Not every possible combination appears, because many consonants do not occur often or even in these complex consonants. The patterns in this Quizlet will give you more than enough practice to make sense of any conjunct you have not encountered before.

Learning to read and write Malayalam means recognizing words and phrases, not just individual letters. You may not realize it, but you already know hundreds of common words used in Malayalam. Many English words have become a regular part of both speech and writing. Here’s a Quizlet of English words taken from the headlines in the newspaper Malayala Manorama on just one day. Practice your ability to recognize familiar words written in Malayalam via one of the study or play modes.